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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pulp - by Fae Logie

"Pulp" planted in “Last Stands: a journey through North America’s vanishing ancient rainforests”, by Larry Pynn

Image of wood grain on recycled toilet paper made from a wood block print with water-based pigment.

Imagining nature as culturally articulated through a correspondence of dwelling and landscape, specifically the forest or woodlot, has been a recent focus of my art practice. I am interested in how forest imagery can evoke deep feelings of emotional attachment or abandon to nature and, perhaps, determine how much we care. Through series of sculptural installations incorporating objects, drawing, photography and video, I have been exploring correspondences between historical and contemporary attitudes and uses of the land and thereby engage the viewer in multiple constructs of nature. Written text, including poetry and local histories, postcards and historical photography have been my reflective starting points. These speak of landscapes with signs of human presence, either human beings figuratively or as evidence of living in the land (dwellings, shelters, fences, roads and paths).

Whether by fire or cutting, the deliberate removal of trees is one of the most longstanding and significant ways in which humans have modified the environment. 'Pulp' is an reminder of how we utilize forest products in our day to day lives without considering the impact.

-Fae Logie

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